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What It's Like to Work with Mary Jane...

“Our staff, to this day, talks about how it was a life-altering experience to have Mary Jane Mapes come in and talk with us and interact with our staff. They are still singing her praises and talking about what they learned that day!”


CFO, Family Health Center, Battle Creek, MI

“Mary Jane Mapes is one of the best speakers that I have ever heard and we will bring her back again in the future!”


Executive Director, Texas Assisted Living Association

“Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to attend several of Mary Jane's events and WOW, what a speaker! She has a very unique way, her story-telling, her wit, and just drawing on her experiences, about taking challenges that we as leaders face everyday, and give us methods and ways to approach that I use everyday.”


Engineering Leader, Stryker Corporation

A bit more about Mary Jane...

Mary Jane Mapes is an
award-winning leadership/communication stategist with a track record of achievement, working with executive leaders and high potentials to ensure their success. Her client list includes some of the world's best-known corporations and public sector organizations. As a nationally accredited speaker, Mary Jane consistently receives rave reviews for her thought provoking content, laugh
out-loud humor and
life-changing ideas.

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